Aeroflo 80 General Hydroponics



Aeroflo 80 General Hydroponics GHE (4,5m2) it's an Aeroponic System that Gives You the Best Yeld Possible Thanks to its Oxigenation Pattern
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This Aeroponic System keeps the roots of your plants more oxygenated for the best yeld possible

Aeroflo 80 GHE (General Hydroponics Europe) it's an high quality aeroponic system for indoor growing.

Aeroflo 80 Features

Aeroflo is one of the most used aeroponic systems in the world by farmers. It provides a legendary harvest as they represent the most efficient way to obtain stronger and healthier plants. The real difference is in the ratio of oxygenation of the roots that in this system is much more accentuated. The increased oxygenation of the roots identifies an ideal growth condition for plants that thrive in an environment of higher quality.

Aeroponic system size

  • This system holds up to 80 plants or cuttings
  • This 4,5 m2 modulable system has been studied to grow in rationalized spaces.
  • length: 410cm
  • width: 105cm
  • height: 57cm
  • capacity: 200l

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Product list GHE
Height 57 Cm
Width 105 Cm
Length 410 Cm
Square metre 4,5
Manufacturer GHE
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