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Revive is a liquid fertilizer that helps to save the plants and the yield from stress conditions like the re-potting and nutritive deficiency. It has a patented formulation charged with micro and macr...
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Patented formula to help plants overcome stress conditions

Revive of the Advanced Nutrients is the perfect solution to revive the plants from main nutritional deficiencies, in order to fix the damage caused by periods of stress, and to save the growings at risk, in case something has gone wrong.

It can be dosed by the leaves, and it is effecient in all growing substrates: in soil, hydro and coco.

An aid to save the plants and the yield

After hundreds of tests and experiments on different types of plants and in various types of cultivation, including rock wool, coconut fiber, aeroponics, and soil, the team of Advanced Nutrients has determined a specific blend of nutrients and ingredients for the healing of your plants. The secret is to increase the transfering food capacity as quickly as possible which is the best way to ensure your plants the posibility to survive and regenerate themselves when they are in trouble.

Patented formula enriched with chelated elements

Revive is easy to be used, its formula works in all types of gardens and can be added to hydroponic solutions, you can use it as a leaf spray to provide nutrients directly to the leaves in case of nutrient deficiency.

The patented formula is enriched with highly chelated iron, zinc, calcium, nitrogen and other essential nutrients that come directly into the cells of your plant to give them the full healing power they need.

Revive Advantages

  • It contains a complete range of nutrients chelates, as well as five of the most important macro and micro nutrients
  • It can also be used as a leaf spray after the clones are rooted (after they have been removed from a high humidity environment)
  • It increases the leaf growth of the clones and cuttings

DOSAGE AND USEHydroponics: 5 ml per liter of solution. Repeat, if necessary, after a week. Soil: 1 ml per liter. Repeat, if necessary, after a week. As a leaf spray: 3 ml per liter of water. Do not spray during daylight hours, or when it is day in order to avoid the lens effect . Spray just before turning off the lights or in the evening. Repeat after one week if necessary.

WHEN TO USE REVIVE: On grown plants, as a leaf spray on just re-potting plants, clones and cuttings.


 For more information, please look at the indoor growing guide

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