SANlight Horticultural LED Luminaire Flex30 1 LED Modular

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IP68 water - proof

The 30watt FLEX-30 LED lights cover all light spectra relevant to plants. So you can use them both for pure cultivation and as additional lighting in the flowering phase of your plants. The lens of the high-performance LEDs is 90 ° and directs the light exactly where it is needed.The generously sized passive cooling system keeps the light cool when on. In combination with the high degree of protection IP68, this allows the SANlight FLEX to be used between installations where there is no light. This means that the quantity and quality of the harvest will be significantly improved.

To operate the LED FLEX 30 lights, a suitable power supply is required


  • Compact design saves space
  • Cold operating temperature
  • Broadband light spectrum with balanced red / red ratio
  • Operation of multiple lights with LED drivers
  • IP68 waterproof
  • Characteristic homogeneous wide beam 90 °
  • Rectangular light distribution
  • Efficiency: 2.12 µmol / j


Manufacturer SANlight
Watt 30 W
Coulour yellow full spectrum
Root si
Bloom si
Growth Yes

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