Bat Guano Liquid Extract 5L



Bat Guano Liquid Extract 5L promotes taste, quality and yield. Grow and Bloom.
Growth Bloom Organic
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Exuberant flower period, 100% Oganic

Guanokalong Extract 5L - Taste improver

From natural bat dung. Taste improver. Promotes taste, quality and yield.

Advantages: Acceleration of root structuring. Exuberant flower period. Increased resistance of plant against bacteria. Indoor and outdoor use.

Total nutrients not more than 2%

Bat Guano Liquid Extract Use:

  • Directly available supplement for plants. Suitable for soil, cocos, hydro-systems
  • Clones: 10 ml per lt
  • Growing: 10-20 ml per lt
  • Flowering: 10-30 ml per lt
  • Add once a week to feeding water

Bloom Yes
Azote (N) 2
Phosphorus (P) 0,5
Potassium (K) 2
Manufacturer Guano Kalong
Growth Yes
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