Bat Guano Kalong Liquid Extract 20L

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Guano Bat Extract 100% organic

The 10L Bat Guano Liquid Extract is a liquid extract of guano bat, 100% organic.

The guano liquid extract accelerates and enriches the flowering stage by increasing the flavours, the ripening and improves the root system of the plants. The plant resistance against bacterias and pathogens increases.

Feeding the plants with this natural fertilizer:

The liquid extract GuanoKalong can be used in all types of crops: soil, hydroponic systems and aeroponic ones.

  • For Cuttings and Clones: 10ml per liter
  • For Growth: 10-20ml per liter
  • For Flowering: 10-30ml per liter

The Liquid Guano Kalong is an organic additional for growth and flowering:

It Increases the formation of leaves and inflorescences or fruits releasing a valuable base of useful microelements. The liquid extract of Guano increases the natural defenses of plants against, mold and pathogens of all kinds, it is also very popular as natural seasonings as it is able to enhance the natural flavors of the plants without affecting the originality, which enhances the fragrance without modifying the original one.

N = 2% | P2O5 = 0.5% | 2% K2O = | S = 0.2% | Ca / Mg = 1% | Cu = 15 | Zn = 20 | Cl = 100


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