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We are a Europe based Hydroponics Grow Shop offering a huge selection of indoor plant lighting, hydroponic grow systems, hydro and organic horticultural supplies, grow light, growbox, other grow-room equipment, plant growing, indoor growing gardening accessories.
Hydroponics and aeroponics has come a long way in the last few years.
It is no longer a mystery or secret technique.
It is a simple, reliable way of growing plants and far more consistent and easier than growing in soil.

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-20%Water Timer SB-Professional
€ 60,19Water Timer SB-Professional

Choice of 15 programs.Up to 8 cycles per day at times of your choice.Water timing from 1 minute to 11 hours and 59 minutes.Low battery indicator.Power...

-15%Scale Vortex 500G/0.1G
€ 17,57Scale Vortex 500G/0.1G

Scale Vortex 500G/0.1G, Precision Balance. Indispensable tool to manage carefully packed fertilizers and additives in powder form....


Hammerhead is the only P-K additive that contains the correct ration of P & K. All the other P-K boosters have the ratio reversed: they give you too m...

-15%Atami B'Cuzz Bloom Stimulator 1L
€ 28,72Atami B'Cuzz Bloom Stimulator 1L

Plants progress through many stages of development, from a single cell into a flowering plant. Growers speak of the plant-, grow-, ready-to-flower-, a...

-20%Super-fix adjustable brackets
€ 8,87Super-fix adjustable brackets

Super-fix adjustable brackets are the best brackets in the market at the best price! Innovative and highly efficient....

-20%Reverse Osmosis System 3 Stage 190L / GG
€ 71,78Reverse Osmosis System 3 Stage 190L / GG

Produces up to190L per day of ultra-pure, lowEC water. Removes 98%+ of chlorine & contaminants. Wastes approximately 25% less than other RO System...

-20%Digital Combo Thermo-Hygrometer
€ 11,92Digital Combo Thermo-Hygrometer

Digital indoor Thermometer with Hygrometer.Check the maximum or minimum temperature and humidity by the touch of a button, simply and effective. Suppl...

-10%Water Timer SB-Easy
€ 49,41Water Timer SB-Easy

LCD panel for easy to read display.Easy 8-button operation and program guided data setting.Up to 16 watering start times per day.Watering run time adj...

-10%Fan Silencer 125mm
€ 45,02Fan Silencer 125mm

Fan Silencer 125mm for air treatment. Born to remove noise pollution made by the ventilation system in your grow room. It acts as a damper against no...

New Items

Plug in Thermostat - Temperature Controller Cornwall
€ 31,00Plug in Thermostat - Temperature Controller Cornwall

The Plug in Thermostat Cornwall is a Temperature Regulator for Grow Room Easy to Use. It permits to activate the heating plant or conditioning to main...

Ceramic Fan Heater BLT 1000-2000W
€ 72,70Ceramic Fan Heater BLT 1000-2000W

Its use allows to heat large spaces (30 sqm) with a reduced energy consumption. Equipped with a double power switch (1000 or 2000W) and thermostat for...

Oscillating Wall Fan with Remote Control
€ 58,90Oscillating Wall Fan with Remote Control

A practical 3-speed fan, which can be fixed on the wall and supplied with a remote control. Perfect for ventilating the grow room and growing areas wh...

Cornwall Electronics - R.p.m./Speed Dimmer for Extractor Fans
€ 13,90Cornwall Electronics - R.p.m./Speed Dimmer for Extractor Fans

This Cornwall Electronics Controller lets you regulate the r.p.m. of your extractor fans on input and output airflow....

Mini Dehumidifier
€ 45,01Mini Dehumidifier

This Mini Dehumidifier, is ideal for small grow boxes or rooms....

Reverse Osmosis System 3 Stage 190L / GG Reverse Osmosis System 3 Stage 190L / GG € 89,73€ 71,78
Scale Vortex 500G/0.1G Scale Vortex 500G/0.1G € 20,67€ 17,57
Scale Kenex NoteBook NB-2000g x 0.1g Scale Kenex NoteBook NB-2000g x 0.1g € 43,31€ 36,81
Scale KX 350g x 0.1g Scale KX 350g x 0.1g € 18,30€ 15,56
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Roller Extractor BHO M150 Roller Extractor BHO M150 € 59,90
Humidistat - Humidity Plug in Controller Cornwall Humidistat - Humidity Plug in Controller Cornwall € 43,01
Plug in Thermostat - Temperature Controller Cornwall Plug in Thermostat - Temperature Controller Cornwall € 31,00
Ceramic Fan Heater BLT 1000-2000W Ceramic Fan Heater BLT 1000-2000W € 72,70
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Hydroponics? A Resource Guide for understanding and using Hydroponics.Hydroponics Grow Shop includes a wide array of gardening supplies and products keyed to making gardening easier, safer, clean and more efficient. Hydroponics, growing plants without soil, is just one method modern growers use to grow more in less space and less time!

Hydroponics is all about enriching water by creating and maintaining a “perfect nutrient solution” that is perfectly balanced for the plant. When the plants get exactly, everything they need, all the time, it will grow as fast, and provide the best flavor and nutritional value, that it possibly can.

Hydroponics is growing plants without soil. Absolutely anything that can be grown in soil can be grown hydroponically. The key is determining the precise, ideal, nutrient solution for the specific plant, and consistently providing it to the roots. Typically, by using a general purpose hydroponic nutrient, plants will outperform soil grown plants in the same environment. Hydroponics Grow Shop is a complete guide to building and operating your own indoor garden. Includes detailed instructions, photos and step-by-step set up.