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Mykos 454g Extreme Gardening is composed of pure mycorrhizae which provide a biological connection between the roots and nutrients that we find in the soil.
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Pure mycorrhiza fertilizer for the Roots

Unchain the power of your soil with Mykos, a natural root promoter!

Mykos 454g Extreme Gardening is composed of mycorrhizae that provide a connection between the biological roots and the nutrients present in the soil.

Beneficial rhyzobacteria that enhance the root mass

Mycorrhizaes have proved to increase the availability of necessary nutrients and moisture of the plant growth while improving the soil structure.

Mykos Features and benefits:

Xtreme Gardening mykos is ideal as a soil fertilizer or diluted in water.

  • Colonizes the soil with beneficial microbes
  • Helps the root area to absorb nutrients
  • Increases root mass
  • Improves the health of the roots
  • Ideal for vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers

Usage Indication and application

Cuttings and Transplantation: Add 2 tablespoons in the substrate in contact with the root / cuttings. 1-2 tablespoons of mineral wool.

Soil or Coco: Add a bag in 110 liters of soil.

Plants in the vegetative stage of growth: Pour a cup of mykos on the surface of the pot and cover with soil or compost.

! NOTE: Use non-chlorinated water for best results, the minerals have proved to suppress beneficial microbes.

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