Water Heater 100W - 50L (with thermostat)



These Heavy Duty Nutrient Heaters avoid the problems associated with normal glass heaters thanks to their extremely durable construction. They are shockproof (so can be turned whilst out of water with...
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Ideal for Hydroponics and Aeroponic cultivation

An automatic, fully submersible heater. The temperature control is precise and easy to adjust. The pointer is highly visible and accurate.
The thermostat is sensitive and extremely reliable and provides stable heating for 50L aquariums.
When the temperature drops below 20°C, the heater is able to heat up water and maintains a steady water temps.
The optimum temperature of nutrient solution is between about 24°C to 26°C.
The heater includes many practical features for easy use, safety and convenience. Suction cups included.

• 100W Water Heater for 50L Tanks

Manufacturer Wave
Length 29 Cm
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