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Bio-Stimulant for all life phases of the plants

Considered the best product for plants in the world, SuperThrive of Dr. John A.A Thomson, Vitamin Institute, is ideal for all life phases of plants (for each type of plant).

SuperThrive is a super concentrated hormone bio-stimulant composed of 25 vitamins and plant hormones, suitable for all growing systems (soil, aeroponics, hydroponics and coconut fiber, etc. ..), it guarantees amazing results allowing a fast rooting, a healthy growth and a blasting flowering.

 Superthrive's benefits for plants:

  • It givess stronger and healthier flowers and leaves
  • Increase stamina and adversity strength
  • Promotes the growth of a healthy and strong root system
  • Guarantees a greater number of flowers, bigger, more resistant and compact
  • Helps germination, increases the speed of growth and the yield

 USE: It is used in very low doses of 0.75 ml to 1.5 ml per liter depending on the treatment.

Others formats:

SuperThrive 120ml - € 25,90
Vitamin Institute - SuperThrive 960ml - € 119,90
Vitamin Institute - SuperThrive 3,8L - € 280,80
Vitamin Institute - SuperThrive 9,4L - € 780,00


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