Vebi - Draker 10.2 - Insecticide - 250ml

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Vebi Draker 10.2: Eliminates insects effectively and for a long time!

Effective, long-lasting insecticide eliminates a wide range of pests, including mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, ants, fleas, ticks and more.

Microencapsulated formula provides immediate knockdown and residual protection for up to 2-3 weeks.

Water-based, odorless, and non-staining formula is safe for use in homes, businesses, and around pets.

Versatile for indoor and outdoor use.


    • Mosquitoes
    • Flies
    • Cockroaches
    • Ants
    • Fleas
    • Ticks
    • Other pests


    • Cipermetrin (N.CAS. 52315-07-8) 10 g
    • Tetramethrin (N.CAS. 7696-12-0) 2 g
    • PBO (N.CAS. 51-03-6) 10 g
    • Inert ingredients q.b. to 100 g


    • Homes
    • Apartments
    • Warehouses
    • Offices
    • Restaurants
    • Schools
    • Hospitals
    • Hotels
    • Theaters
    • Gardens
    • Patios
    • Porches
    • Green spaces
    • Parking lots
    • Basements
    • And more

How to Use:

Indoors: Dilute according to label instructions and apply with a spray pump to areas frequented by insects, such as baseboards, corners, cracks, behind furniture, kitchens, ovens, refrigerators, bathrooms, etc. For flying insects, treat surfaces where they tend to rest.

Outdoors: Dilute according to label instructions and apply to walls, windows, sills, eaves, hedges, and waste disposal areas. To prevent reinfestation, spray the exterior perimeter of buildings up to a height of about one meter and a surrounding strip of land one meter wide.


    • General pests: 100 ml per 10 liters of water
    • Mosquitoes: 50-100 ml per 10 liters of water
    • Flies and cockroaches: 100-300 ml per 10 liters of water


MEDICAL SURGICAL DEVICE Reg. Min. of Health No. 19380

Vebi Draker 10.2: The ultimate solution for a bug-free environment!


Manufacturer Vebi

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