Vebi Abanto - Natural Pyrethrum 20ml



Abanto - Natural Pyrethrum is an insecticide made by ade from the dried flower heads of Chrysanthemum cinerariifolium and Chrysanthemum coccineum.
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Large Spectrum Biological Pest Controller

Abanto - Natural Pyrethrum is an insecticide made by ade from the dried flower heads of Chrysanthemum cinerariifolium and Chrysanthemum coccineum.

This powerful insecticide can be used by contact of ingestion.

It DOES NOT contains  piperonyl butoxide, over which VEBI has added a natural vegetal oil. 

Given its toxicological profile, it can be used in organic growing agaist a variety of isects and bugs such as: winter moth caterpillars, ants. whitefly, blackfly, cochineals, aphid, mealybugs, thrip and many more. 

Doses 1,4 - 1,6
Manufacturer Vebi
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