Vacuum Methacrylate Desiccator BHO



Vacuum Methacrylate Desiccator BHO: this tool will allow you to generate the vacuum connecting it to a sufficiently powerful suction pump.
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implosion proof vacuum desiccator BHO

The Vacuum Desiccator BHO is made of methacrylate, and its design is designed to remove butane from your extractions, using a vacuum system that separates particles butane, taking them outside, Terpene particles, giving a higher quality and purity oil extractions.
These dryers are implosion proof and withstand a vacuum of 740 mm / Hg, losing only 20 mm / Hg every 24h.
They are composed of two methacrylate parts sealed with a neoprene rubber joint , the cover have a valve and inside the container it is provided with a the container basket for drying products.
It has two halves with a rubber gasket and support tray, on which we will place the sample. It also incorporates the connection valve for the tube and the pump, all very safe and well manufactured.

Easy to clean and maintain, it is much lighter than borosilicate glass, a fact that will make it of easier use and handling in addition to its transport.

Features of Methacrylate Desiccator

  • Diameter: 150mm
  • Height: 20cm
  • Material:Methacrylate

Height 20 Cm
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