Twin Turbo Fan - Honeywell - 660m3/H



Twin Turbo Fan (HT -8800s) Honeywell has a highly going design. There is a double fire-fan (diameter 18 cm and 660 mc3). It is collocated into a solid base 'tower' to support and optimise the air recy...
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Powerful silent double fan

Twin Turbo Fan Honeywell (HT-8800e) has a going and endearing design. There is a double fire-fan (diameter 18 cm and 660 mc3) into a solid base 'tower' to support and optimise the air recycle in the grow tent for indoor growing

You know in the grow tent you can reach high temperatures so the use of fans in a grow box is basic to ensure the perfect temperature for your indoor growing. Twin Turbo Fan Honeywell allows air circulation  avoiding the risk of mold making.

Technical Details of the Honeywell Fan

Twin Turbo Honeywell HT 8800e fan has 55w. There are 3 selectable speed. In fact, you can choose to use just one of fire-fan that has 3 selectable speed each one.

There is a 2x 660m3/H air flow. You have a noiseless double fire-fan for any sort of plant indoor growing in your grow tent.   

Feautures of the Fan for Grow Tent Indoor Growing

Here you are the list for your fan for plants. You can choose between 2 endearing colours, indeed.

  • Watts used: 55W
  • Wattage (Voltage): 220-240V - 50Hz
  • Air flow: 2x 660m3/h
  • 3 selectable speed
  • Colour: Black and Chrome

Powerful and Noiseless

Noiseless air fire-fan is made in high quality antirust polymer that ensures a long-term efficiency. You can use it continuously for long time. Thanks to the powerful engine of the fan ensures a rilevant air flow about 660m3/h each fire-fan.

Extract capacity 660 m3/h
Diameter 18 Cm
Manufacturer Honeywell
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  • Rating Alexis 23/02/2015

    "It is a very going design. It is a noiseless fan to a low cost. What is more there are two fans and it is highly reccomended. "