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Increases the mass of the flower.

Aware of the multiple benefits that silicon brings to plants, Top Crop presents Top Mass, a solution rich in bioavailable silicon processed with North American technology. Top Mass makes plants strong and resistant to extreme conditions and increases the mass of the flower. Sustainable agriculture classifies silicon as an almost essential element for plants, because it fits into the organic, biological and biodynamic methods of production, since with it the plants need less amounts of fertilizers, fungicides and insecticides and the soil microorganisms have a better chance of survival.

Top Mass has more beneficial properties for your plant:

  • Improves the availability of nutrients in the soil and collaborates in their mobility in plants.
  • It benefits the metabolism of the plant by increasing the concentration of chlorophyll.
  • Increase of the yield and improvement in the quality of the harvests.
  • Strengthens the cell walls favoring the growth of resistant branches to support the weight of the flowers.
  • Immunizes the plant against the attack of some insects and fungi.
  • Greater resistance to temperature differences and / or extreme temperatures (example: dehydration).

With Top Mass, Top Crop takes a step further with a formulation with unbeatable silicon bioavailability. The result: stronger, more resistant and productive plants. It is worth a try.
TOP MASS by TOP CROP is an advanced silicon technology that enables concentrated bioavailable silicon solutions to be obtained. It mainly contains silicon in its non-colloidal form, made up of low molecular weight molecules of stabilized orthosilicic acid, this being the only form of absorption by the plant. This high assimilation of Silicon makes Top Mass more active and efficient than other formulations based on colloidal silicon suspensions.

TOP MASS is a supplement for strengthening crops that benefits the plant in terms of biomass growth, strengthens cell walls, generating resistance to biotic and abiotic factors. In addition, it improves the chemical and biological properties of the soil, improves the assimilation of nutrients and their translocation into the plant.

Top Mass is a concentrated stock solution that must be diluted. Suitable for application throughout the plant cycle.
To prepare nutrient solutions, add 0.1-0.2 mL / L of nutrient solution to the fertilizer mixture. For exclusive periodic applications of Silicon via root or foliar dilution between 0.5-1mL / L of irrigation water.
Perform 2 to 4 applications in post transplant, growth and flowering.
It should not be mixed with acids as the product is very alkaline. Do not mix with products that contain heavy metals. This product contains nanomaterial: silicon dioxide. Approved respiratory protection is recommended in case of application methods that may render the product susceptible to inhalation.

Available in formats of: 100ml - 250 ml and 1L

Others formats:

Top Crop - Top Mass - 100ml - € 21,90
Top Crop - Top Mass - 250ml - € 45,00
Top Crop - Top Mass - 1L - € 135,00

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