TTT 1900 - Tom's Tumbler - Trimmer

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Trimmer without blades

The TTT 1900 S - by Tom's Tumbler is an elegant, silent and bladeless Trimmer for dry processing of plant and flower materials. Tom's Tumbler is a system for dry processing of leafy flower plant materials, for the separation of small particles and superfluous plant material and for the breakdown of large leaves and plant material into smaller particles. It is recommended for a wide range of aromatic and medicinal plants, including hops, hemp and herbs. It is also used to extract pollen.

The TTT 1900 is ideal for cutting volumes of 0.45 / 0.90 kg every 7 minutes which are equivalent to about 5.5 kg / h.

The TTT 1900 system includes a funnel-shaped flow bag and a clear removable dust cover for viewing the refinement process. It also includes two nets that go straight onto the tumbler after cutting and splitting. Cutting and sorting is done using 1/2 and 1/4 inch mesh nets. Put your trim on the net with some dry ice and easily catch trim in the bag and dust cover.

Don't just crop, extract pollen too with the new 3-part trimmer system!

The TTT 1900 system is complete with:

  • 2 Trimming nets with 1/2 "and 1/4" holes
  • 1 151 micron pollen net
  • 1 PVC flow funnel
  • 1 Dust Cover to avoid losing volatile resins


  • The nets can be machine washed and dried online if needed.
  • We recommend periodic lubrication of the zippers with an organic cooking spray or beeswax.

Cleaning the dust cover and clear bag: We recommend a simple cleaning of the dust cover and clear flow bag with a clean cloth and biological cleaner after each day of use, this reduces build-up and keeps your product clean

Maybe you didn't know:

All tom's tumbler models have been designed and built for the defoliation of the plants once dry, but in case you want to do a defoliation when the plant is still fresh or you want to extract resins as for the hop plant. You can buy the Co2 Infusion Kit which will transform your trimmer with dry defoliation into a trimmer with fresh defoliation. Based on the timing of release of Co2 and the use of different bags with different microns, powders and resins of different grain sizes can be extracted

Frame measurements:

  • Length: 67.31cm
  • Depth: 59.69cm
  • Height: 83.82cm - with drum 107.95cm.
  • Range: Cleaning 4-8 kg / h


Manufacturer Toms Tumbler
Watt 50 W
Weight 14 Kg

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