Terra Aquatica by GHE - Streptologic 10g

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Root protection against pathogens is a critical element for all growers, whether in soil or hydroponic cultivation. Given the meticulous attention growers dedicate to root system development, it's natural for them to want to preserve their investment. Pythium, Fusarium, Verticillium, and other bacterial and fungal pathogens can cause irreversible damage to hydroponic systems, especially during hot periods when warm air promotes mold growth, and damage can manifest quickly.

There are "solutions" on the market such as UV sterilizers and fungicides available at gardening centers, but all these alternatives have disadvantages: high cost, complexity of use, uncertain results, and the toxicity of fungicides to both humans an the environment. StreptoLogic is a natural, 100% organic protector, best used preventively. Like all aerobic microorganisms, the more oxygen, stable pH, temperature, and humidity you provide, the more effective and beneficial StreptoLogic becomes.

StreptoLogic is easy to use and more cost-effective. It doesn't require a biofilter because the bacteria bind directly to the roots. It's a biostimulant that harnesses natural resources to produce phytohormones, fix iron, and stimulate the root system. Furthermore, it makes the plant more resistant to attacks from pathogenic fungi and bacteria that spread more rapidly during hot periods.

StreptoLogic is suitable for use in organic farming in accordance with the regulations of the European Union 2018\848 2021 1165.


  • To be used preventively in anticipation of hot weather. In hydroponics, coco, and soil: add 1 g per 10 liters of water or nutrient solution and apply every 6-8 weeks.
  • In open field: use 0.5 kg per hectare with a maximum of 2 applications per year. · StreptoLogic contains diatomaceous earth that adds silicon and creates deposits. For some capillary systems, it is recommended to mix StreptoLogic with water using a pump for 24 hours, then recover the mixture and compost the deposit. Do not leave the mixture without aeration for more than 24 hours.


Soil Yes
Hydroponics Yes
Coco Yes
Growth Yes
Flower Yes
Root Booster Yes
Flower Stimulator Yes
Organic Nutrinets Yes
Manufacturer GHE

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