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Superplant 150w MH is designed for horticulture uses. Metal Halide Grow Lamp for Vegetative Stages rich in cool blue light 16.000 Lumens 5.000° Kelvin.
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For Vegetative Stage - Metal Halide Grow Light rich in cool blue light, for your indoor cultivation

Specific for Vegetative Stages Superplant 150w MH is a Metal Halide Grow Lamp with more lumens per watt than other grow lights. 

More information

  • For a stronger and quicker grow;
  • Studied to mantain constant efficiency in its life cycle;
  • More lumens per watt with Superplant;
  • Lumen: 16.000 lm;
  • Kelvin°: 5.000 K;
  • Available in 250w, 400w and 600w grow bulbs.

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Indoor Grow Lamp SuperPlant MH 400W - Vegetative Growth - € 29,40
Indoor Grow Lamp SuperPlant MH 600W - Vegetative Growth - € 39,89
Indoor Grow Lamp SuperPlant MH 1000W - Vegetative Growth - € 89,06

Product list SUPER PLANT
Lumen 16.000 lm
Life 16.000 Hour
Watt 150 W
Bloom No
Manufacturer SUPER PLANT
Lamp MH
Growth Yes
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  • Rating Aristidis 22/08/2013

    "Great grow lamp for indoor"

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