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Indoor Light Kit with Photostimulating LED Lamp

The indoor light kit with LED Sonlight PAR38 Agro Booster is energy saving, ready to use kit for your indoor growing area, grow box and grow tent, that can be used during both, vegetative and blooming stage of plants. 

Thanks to the specifically designed photostimulating LED Lamp, it is possible to obtaining numerous advantages:

  • Compact energy saving lamp ( 36W Lamp with real power consumption at only 16W)
  • Specifically designed Lamp to develop and enhance the germination, growing and blooming stage
  • Low heath emission
  • Ideal as main lamp for small indoor growing areas and micro-growing
  • Safe: no ballast needs and can be plugged directly into your home socket

The "SONLIGHT PAR38 AGRO + E27 + 2MT CABLE" includes:

Sonlight Hyperled PAR38 - AGRO Booster 4500K° - 16W - E27

The Hyperled Sonlight PAR38 LED Booster Lamps, E27, have been created specifically for the indoor growing sector. Using LED technology, PAR lights are more efficient than standard bulbs, making them last longer and save more energy. The PAR spectrum is ideal to enhance the photosynthesis and can be used as supplemental to the main light in small spaces. Ideal for autoflowering plants.

Schuko Plug + 2 Meters Cable

Schuko Plugwith 2 Meters Cable.

E27 Lamp Holder

Spare Grow Light Ceramic Lamp Holder with brackets.


Manufacturer Sonlight

Product list Sonlight

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