Sementi da Orto - Lageriana pumpkin - Sem. Dotto

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Typical in Sicilian cuisine

The gourd or gourd for pergola (Lagenaria longissima) also known as Sicilian snake gourd is a plant of the Cucurbitaceae family. It produces elongated fruits, which in pergola cultivation hang down by gravity, while in spontaneous cultivation on the ground it bends and takes the typical shape of a snake. Typically, the fruits (zucchini) are narrow (a few centimeters in diameter) and long (even over 1 meter).

Southern flavor

The Sicilian Long Serpent Pumpkin is very common in the regions of southern Italy and belongs to the Cucurbitaceae family, along with courgettes and gourds of various kinds. The main characteristics of this climbing courgette are the size of the fruit, the extremely vigorous bearing and the ability to collect the tips to use them in the kitchen.

  • As for the fruit, it is a long green courgette, with a narrow and tapered shape like a snake, which is harvested when it is sufficiently formed but not yet ripe. After about a week from the formation, in fact, the fruit takes on a harder and smoother skin; inside, many seeds begin to form and the core becomes more spongy, which makes cooking difficult and less tasty. The fruit, as with other courgettes, is produced by female flowers; the latter are found on the secondary branches that arise from the main jet.
    Male flowers are generally whitish and inconspicuous. Although it may have a slightly neutral flavor in itself, this courgette is widely used especially in typical Sicilian cuisine.


  • Sowing: Pumpkin can be done either in the ground or in pots
  • The soil: it must be worked and a fairly soft, humid and light soil is preferred.
  • The seeds: must be spaced 3-4 times their diameter.

After proceeding with the sowing, we move on to a light sprinkling watering or with a normal sprayer so as not to move the small seeds and then proceed with compacting the soil and eliminating any air bubbles. During the germination it is necessary to keep the soil constantly humid without exceeding. Germination times vary from plant to plant.

(discover here the guide to grow the pumpkin).


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