SCROG Netting Mammoth Web 120-150



Netting for SCROG growing Mammoth Web 120-150 for grow box sized from 120 to 150 cm². Perfect for optimizing the production in the indoor growing.
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Scrog netting with grow box hooks, optimizing the growing

SCROG Netting for growing Mammoth Web 120-150 for grow box from 120 to 150 cm².

SCROG growing advantages and benefits 

A good using of the SCROG techinque allows to make plants, that have little room for the roots, firmer (for example in the case of hydroponic systems) and growing indoor even when it has a lacking vertical height as the plant will tend to grow horizontally instead of vertically. This technique has also been proved to be the most effective way to maximize the productive capacity of the plants.

It has a square size with hooks for fastening it to the grow box structure.

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