Quadgrow Slim Nutriculture + ATU



Quadgrow Slim Nutriculture + ATU The Innovative And Very Easy Hydroponics Passive System That Keeps Your Plants Watered Up To 2 Weeks.
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With Quadgrow Slim you can cultivate hydroponics in the easiest way

About Quadgrow Slim

QuadGrow Slim by Nutriculture (ATU Module included) get the last hydroponics cultivations tech in it. We're talking about a passive hydroponics system that irrigates automatically the pots letting you saving time.

This hydroponic system is very simple to use and it's available with the same features also in two different variations: 

The water already mixed with fertilizer can get the tank thanks to the ATU module that makes the irrigation process automatic without electricity, pumps or timers needs.
The fertilized water get the pot with smartmat stripes.


If you wish more informations visit our section Hydroponics Videos And Manuals to go deeper onto indoor hydroponic cultivation.

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Manufacturer Nutriculture
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