The Phoenix 150 pollinator is a roller sieve with a 150 Micron mesh and a capacity of 150 grams of plant matter.
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150 micron net

The Phoenix pollinator allows you to sift 150 grams of vegetables thanks to its 150 Micron roller supplied, the sieve nets that are applied on the roller can be changed to have a more or less large diameter of the holes. It is advisable to refrigerate the plant matter before inserting it into the sieve to facilitate extraction and speed up the work.

The unit of measurement of the sieves is expressed in microns, that is one thousandth of a millimeter. This means that the higher the figure expressed in microns, the larger the meshes of the sieve will be.


  • Capacity: more than 100 gr
  • Sieve mesh diameter: 150 micron
  • Measurements (without engine): 39.5x29.8x32.3cm

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