Dry sieving machine: suitable for up to 3000 grams of dried plant material in one go
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Easy and effortless extraction. Equipped with Timer

The Pollinator P3000 is the model suitable for up to 3000 grams of plant material, dried in one go, for an extraction that will take place without effort. This machine transforms a large volume of leaf material into a relatively small volume of plant material. Additionally, if you are aiming for medical-grade preparations, you can process the product much easier with the P3000, as it removes most of the unnecessary plant matter. Each Pollinator is sold with a 150 micron drum, for other sizes with custom screen there are the P150, P500 and P3000 models.

The manufacturer recommends that the best results of the dry sieve are obtained at low temperatures, trying to work in an air-conditioned environment or even in a cold room for the highest quality. Also advises to keep an eye on condensation water ... Also certifying the machine for food production.

Technical features:

  • Capacity: ~ 3000g of plant material
  • Screen: Standard 150 micron
  • Motor: 24 V
  • Equipped with Timer

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