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Plagron Coco A+B is a very concentrated mineral nutrient for buffered coco substrates. This Fertilizer could be used for growth and for blooming stages.
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Plagron COCO A+B

Plagron Coco A+B is a mineral plant food very concentrated, a nutrient for use in flowering stages or during the plant growth.  
This product can be used universally on all types and sorts of buffered coco substrates. To learn how to grow this subtrate read our coconut fiber manual suitable even for hydroponics cultivation.

About Plagron Coco A&B

Product specifications of this 2-part mineral fertilizer for plants:

  • Plagron – the best products for excellent results;
  • Helps you get huge blooms with more weight;
  • Studied to be quickly assimilate;
  • Coco A+B – mineral plant food for coco substrates;
  • Usable as foliar-feed;
  • Perfect for use with other Plagron products like additives and boosters for blooming.

Composition and Dosage

Cocos A: water, calcium nitrate, magnesium nitrate, potassium nitrate. NPK-fertilizer (4-0-1). 3.9% Total nitrogen (N) of which 3.9% nitrate nitrogen (NO 3 ), 1% water-soluble potassium oxide (K 2 O), 4.5% Calcium (Ca). 
Cocos B: Water, magnesiumulfaat, magnesium nitrate, mono potassium phosphate, phosphoric acid. NPK fertilizer (1-4-2). 1% Total nitrogen (N) including 1% of nitrate nitrogen (NO 3 ), 4.1% of water-soluble phosphorus pentoxide (P 2 O 5 ), 2.4% of water-soluble potassium oxide (K 2 O).

Dosage:Use 4 ml of the product per 1 liter of water. Always use the same amount of Coco A and Coco B at each watering.

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