Pattex Rf 999 Fireplaces And Stoves Gray

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Inorganic sealant resistant to high temperatures

Pattex RF 999 is aqueous-based inorganic refractory sealant which, once dried, forms a hard joint without cracks, as well as providing high resistance to temperature. Suitable for joints with low vibrations and subjected to high temperatures.

  • Resistant to extreme temperatures up to peaks of 1500ºC
  • Resistant to direct fire
  • Good adhesion on most surfaces used in construction
  • It does not release fumes
  • Paintable


  • Repair of cracks in furnaces.
  • Sealing of joints subjected to direct fire.
  • Sealing and placing of refractory bricks.
  • Placement of the fire panels. Flues.
  • For sealing and joining: Stoves, Boilers, Ovens, Barbecues, Mufflers.
  • Applicable on cement, concrete, bricks, refractory bricks, glass, iron, steel, galvanized steel, anodized aluminum.


  • Pattex RF 999 is supplied ready for use and can be applied directly from the cartridge without special pre-treatments.

Surface preparation:

  • All surfaces must be clean and dry, free from dust, grease or anything that could affect the adhesion of the sealant.


  • Cut off the tip of the cartridge and screw on the nozzle. The tip of the spout can be cut at an angle (at 45 degrees) depending on the width of the joint. Extrude with a special gun directly from the cartridge.
  • Smooth the bead with a spatula wet with soapy water, before skin formation.
  • Allow the sealant to dry for at least 2 days before slowly and gradually increasing the temperature to avoid the formation of bubbles.
  • Do not let the cured product in contact with stagnant water


Dirty tools with fresh sealant can be cleaned with a dry or solvent-soaked cloth. Any cured sealant can be removed mechanically by scraping or using a suitable silicone remover.
Other information The seal must be kept clean. Take into account the air circulation in the room where the sealant is applied. The hardening speed depends on the temperature, humidity and size of the joint.
The product applied at low temperature, low humidity or applied in large quantities, needs more time to crosslink.


It is recommended to carry out compatibility tests before painting the product.

  • Do not use in movement joints.
  • Do not let the dried product come into contact with stagnant water.

The polymerization of this product may vary according to the temperature, humidity, porosity of the substrates, the volume of the product applied, etc. A rough guide for typical applications at ambient temperature and average humidity would be around 48 hours. Hardening can be accelerated by applying gentle, progressive heat

(do not exceed 100 ° C during polymerization, as this could cause the application to fail).


Manufacturer Henkel

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