NWT - Cold Dryer NWT 200 for Wet Flowers 60kg

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Our innovative solution for cold drying

Drying has always been the most natural method for preserving food. Most of the enzymes, vitamins and minerals are preserved well through the dehydration process and by drying at lower temperatures the final products are much better. Our “cold” technology is based on refrigeration systems, which cool the air, dehydrate it and heat it to reach temperatures of 3 / ° C with humidity of /%. This process allows you to quickly dry your food products and keeps the aroma, color and structure of the phyto-complex unaltered. Better organoleptic qualities, of appearance and conservation, ensure a product with decidedly superior added value.


Our cold dryers are based on the tested and effective physical principle of the dehumidifier associated with the constant flow of air in a sealed environment. A sturdy and silent container cabinet houses the whole set consisting of a cooling circuit that dehydrates the air and a section that brings it back to 35/40 ° C leaving a very low residual humidity. The air is blown from below into the load compartment that houses the product to be dried in multiple overlapping drawers.

  • This innovative proprietary principle is called the Vaporization Chain System. The masses that can be loaded for each cycle are treated according to the model and vary from 15 kg to 1200 kg of fresh product.

Unprecedented versatility

  • Oral plants and spices: the cold drying of herbs provides excellent quality results in a short time. The liquid content reaches the desired minimum in sun / hours.
  • Fruits and vegetables: with the cold method, any type of fruit, be it apples, berries or citrus fruits, o ers much better results than traditional treatments. The quality obtained is superior in appearance, texture and flavor. Cold dried vegetables also restore their original characteristics very well; if subsequently rehydrated they will find their size, color and flavor as fresh.
  • Pollen and honey: cold dehydrated pollen remains soft and rich in color. In just hours the water content is reduced without detrimental effects on appearance and quality. For honey there is a continuous dehumidi fi cation system equipped with rotating discs.
  • Flowers and mushrooms: rose petals reach the desired level of humidity without significantly losing the more volatile aromatic fractions, color and original morphology. The mushrooms are dried in less than hours, remaining clear and flavorful.
  • Liquids: The extraction liquids, obtained from the dehumidi fi cation of foods, whose noble fractions o ff er multiple opportunities for entry into new sectors, are of considerable importance. These liquids can be used in the production of fruit juices, homogenized,

cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. The duration of the dehumidi fi cation cycle varies according to the type of product and the desired degree of humidity; times range from 6 to 48 hours.

The range

Model NWT-25
Capacity / cycle: 40 kg
Drawers: n. 6
Electric power: 0.72 Kw / h average single-phase
Dimensions (H x W x D): 1,150 x 0,900 x 0,660 m
Weight: 115 kg

Model NWT-100
Capacity / cycle: 150 kg
Drawers: n. 20
Electric power: 1.7 Kw / h three-phase average
Dimensions (H x W x D): 1,700 x 1,260 x 1,000 m
Weight: 260 kg

Model NWT-200
Capacity / cycle: 300 kg
Drawers: n. 39
Electric power: 3.4 Kw / h three-phase average
Dimensions (H x W x D): 1,900 x 1,360 x 1,270 m
Weight: 350 kg

The load cell weighing system, integrated with the dryer, allows precise and automated control of the humidity taken from the product. Once the desired amount of water has been extracted, the software automatically stops dehydration.

Characteristics: platforms with 4 load cells with capacity depending on the models. Load cells and steel structure. Steel LED display with programmable weight transmitt


Manufacturer North West Technology

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