Nutriculture Rush RDWC 40L - 62cm - From 4 to 24 Pots

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RDWC system - Rush

The 40L RDWC Rush system with 62cm pots is the latest and most effective growing technique developed by Nutriculture. The RUSH system takes RDWC systems to an unprecedented level with as many as 34 nutritional circulations per hour, no timers to manage and small amounts of clay used. Rush's RDWC system is a combination of simplicity and world-class components, resulting in spectacular growth and massive returns.

How the RUSH RDWC hydroponic system works

The 6.5 liter trays are in the DWC tank, where a porous stone creates a constant stream of bubbles directly under the mesh pot to create a nutrient rich environment for the plant roots, resulting in exceptionally fast root growth . Combine these benefits of DWC with Rush's constant and rapid recirculation and you have a truly monstrous hydroponic system that will deliver amazing results. This water-recycling cultivation method allows plants to feed as much as they need, whenever they need it and prevents over-watering.

RDWC systems are growing in popularity and are fast becoming the preferred method of cultivation around the world.

Tips and hints

  • Pump - leave the pump 24/7 - roots need constant access to nutrient solution and oxygen
  • Tank Maintenance - Close the tubing on both ends of the tank you want to clean with the fasteners provided. This allows the plants to continue being fed while maintenance is being performed on another tank
  • Water temperature - To maintain the temperature of the nutrient solution, the rush can be connected to the cooler. The ideal temperature is 18 to 21oC
  • Water Levels - Rush has a unique adjustable float valve to maintain water levels When water levels need to be higher for shorter roots, adjust the float valve upward. When the roots are longer, push the float valve down, so that the roots are less covered by the nutrient solution and have even more access to oxygen

RUSH is perfect for growers who want:

  • Use the more advanced RDWC method
  • Maximize oxygen uptake
  • Use small media on a large scale
  • Easily maintain a stable pH and EC


Manufacturer Nutriculture

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