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The Neem flour of BioMagno is a plant product with Neem seeds as a base which protects the plants and improves your crops, increasing the growth, flowering and strengthening the plant roots.
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Natural fertilizer: protects and feeds the plants

The Neem Flour from BioMagno is obtained from the extraction of Neem Oil through a process of cold-squizzing out.

It's a vegetable product with Neem seed as a base which improves your crops, increasing the growth, flowering and strengthening the root plant.

Natural shield against insects

The Neem Flour mixed with nitrogen fertilizers, slows the conversion and leaching of nitrogen. Repeated interventions, improve the endogenous resistance of plants to pathogens, creating an unsuitable environment for the development of insects and cryptogams. Due to the presence of trace elements important for the plant life, it prevents the imbalances and nutritional disorders ..

It also protects the plant from Nematodes, ants, insectsa and  soil larvae.

100% Organic Fertilizer

It's a plant fertilizer totally organic which increases the soil productivity and fertility. It has antifungal properties, therefore suitable for application in greenhouses and in a protected environment.

DOSAGE: Potted Plants: 50 grams per 100 liters of soil; Open field: in the preparation of the soil 4-6 kg/100 square meters; Coverage: 2.5-4 kg/100sqm; Vegetable Garden Plants 20-30 gr/plant.

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