Multiparameter - pH & EC Continuous Indicator



Monitor pH and EC levels of your grow room or grow tent with just one instrument. HI 981405N-01 pH & EC Continuous Indicator is waterproof and offers great clogging resistance in fertilizer solutions...
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Two parameters with a single instrument

HI 981405N-01 is ideal for agricultural, horticultural and hydroponics applications where pH and EC levels need to be continuously monitored for optimal plant growth. This instrument continuously monitors and displays the values of a solution on an easy to read set of LCD's.

The HI 1286 gel filled pH electrode is replaceable and the BNC connector is protected behind a waterproof sleeve. The unique design of the electrode guarantees greater clogging resistance in fertilizer solutions with high concentrations of phosphate, nitrate, etc.

This model is equipped with a grounding bar to ensure highly accurate pH readings and longer electrode life.

The HI 981405N-01 is compact and easy to install and use making it ideal for all continuous monitoring applications.


  • Two parameters with a single instrument
  • Advanced electrode technology
  • Simple operation and maintenance
  • Supplied complete and ready to use


Product list Hanna Instruments
Manufacturer Hanna Instruments
Combo pH + EC Yes
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