Milwaukee - MW151 - pH/ORP/Temp

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Multiparameter PH / ORP and temperature meter

The Milwaukee MW151 MAX 3-in-1 pH / OPR / Temp. The portable benchtop Logging meter has won over fans around the world for its reliable, fast and simple operation, as well as its robust and stylish design with a footprint reduced.

Precise and robust

The MW151 MAX has an accuracy of ± 0.002 pH with automatic or manual temperature compensation with a dedicated built-in GLP key. Ideal for use by brewers, winemakers, growers, laboratories, food industry, water treatment and many other demanding pH measurement applications.

  • People choose MW151 MAX 3-in-1 PRO pH / ORP / Temp Portable Logging Meter to improve the accuracy of their testing program.
  • With up to 5 point calibration and 7 standard buffer choices (even 2 custom buffers), the instrument can be quickly calibrated with higher accuracy than one or two point calibration.
  • The MW151 MAX meter has an accuracy of ± 0.002 pH. 8 times more accurate than some alternative meters.
  • The rugged meter is built to withstand shocks, has a sleek design, and a small footprint.

Reference Junction

The reference junction is a small hole that allows the meter to compare the sample with a reference. The reading is generated based on the electrical difference between the sample and the reference. If the joining hole becomes clogged, the pH electrode will no longer function. You can extend the life of your pH electrode in the following ways.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Sample residue can affect the sensitivity of the sensing bulb and clog the junction. This is especially true if the sample contains a lot of organic material. It is recommended that the electrode is regularly immersed in the cleaning solution. Also: 1. Inspect the electrode for damage or scratches, if present replace the electrode. 2. Inspect the cable. The connection cable and insulation must be intact. 3. The connectors must be clean and dry. 4. Rinse salt deposits with water or deionized water.


PH sensing bulbs become less sensitive over time, so be sure to calibrate regularly to keep your PRO Plus benchtop pH meter accurate.

  • Also, calibrate after cleaning or a long storage period.

Low Maintenance

The MW151 MAX pH / OPR / Temp Benchtop Logging Meter comes with the MA917B / 1 Double Junction Milwaukee Glass pH Electrode.

  • This is Milwaukee's best-selling laboratory electrode for a reason. Designed to be both low maintenance (refillable) and able to withstand more demanding samples (double junction).
  • MA917B / 1 is ideal for use in brewing, winemaking, hydroponics, laboratories and many other applications.


  • Quick, easy-to-read results with large duel-level digital LCD display.
  • Extreme accuracy down to ± 0.002 pH | +/- 1 mV OPR | +/- 0.4 ° C (+/- 0.8 ° F).
  • Extended pH range (-2.00 pH to 20.00 pH / -2.000 to 20.000 pH).
  • Lightweight and elegant design with minimal counter footprint.
  • Simple and easy to use USB recording and download functions, manual or with stability up to 1,000 logs.
  • The electrode diagnostics function checks and displays the condition of the pH electrode.
  • Easy Measurement: Simply place the electrode and temperature probe in the sample, mix gently and wait for the reading to stabilize.
  • Simple push button, automatic calibration up to 5 points for greater accuracy.
  • Up to 7 standard calibration solutions (1.68, 4.01, 6.86,7.01, 9.18, 10.01 and 12.45) and 2 custom choices.
  • Refillable, glass, double junction laboratory pH electrode for low maintenance and high performance with screw cap to ensure proper storage.
  • Built-in rechargeable battery with 8 hours of autonomy (battery included).
  • Selectable automatic shutdown function.
  • Alphanumeric LCD messages for easy and intuitive information, warnings and error messages.
  • Internal clock date to keep track of different time-dependent functions (calibration, timestamp, calibration timeout).
  • 3-foot probe cables for greater flexibility when testing.


Manufacturer Milwaukee
Manufacturer Milwaukee
Parameters PH/ORP/TEMP

Product list Milwaukee

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