Metrop – Calgreen 1L

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The ideal product for the needs of your plants!

CalGreen by Metrop is mainly composed of Calcium and Nitrogen, it helps to increase the compactness, hardness and volume of plant tissues, in order to consequently increase the yield of your garden. Furthermore, CalGreen is very useful because it strengthens the plants against the establishment of mold and fungi. By adding calcium ions to the nutrient solution, a greater ion exchange is obtained with consequent release of colloidal particles: in this way the plant has immediately assimilable fundamental nutrients.


  • Visibly improves the intake of nutrients in the roots
  • It ensures a significant strengthening and strengthening of the inflorescences
  • It ensures an ascertainable increase in the weight of the final product Ensures a sufficient supply of magnesium for excellent chlorophyll and protein synthesis
  • It has no harmful dyes and is not diluted in water: the product is therefore made up only from the purest elements.
  • To be used with a low CE value
  • The product has no expiration date

Method of use Calgreen 1l:

  • Calgreen is used for nutrient-rich soils from 1 to 3 times a week and for light soils and hydroponics daily, thus allowing a dilution of 0.20 -0.40 ml per 1 liter of water for a pH of 5.4 -6.2
  • Pay particular attention to overdoses
  • Stir CalGreen last in the water tank.
  • Store the product away from light and frost-free 
  • In case of contact of the concentrate with the eyes, rinse the eyes immediately with plenty of water
  • Shake container well before use


  • nitrogen (N) 15.00%
  • nitrate (N) 12.10%
  • ammonium (N) 0.90%
  • urea (N) 2.00%
  • calcium (CaO) soluble in water 22.50%
  • magnesium (Mg) soluble in water 3.00%
  • iron (Fe) soluble in water, EDTA chelating agent 0.075%
  • manganese (Mn) soluble in water, EDTA chelating agent 0.15%
  • copper (Cu) soluble in water, EDTA chelating agent 0.060%
  • water soluble zinc (Zn), EDTA chelating agent 0.030%
  • boron (B) soluble in water 0.075%
  • molybdenum (Mo) soluble in water 0.0015%

Specifiche tecniche

Soil Yes
Hydroponics Yes
Coco Yes
Growth Si
Flower Yes
Manufacturer Metrop

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