Method Seven - Agent 939 LEDFx glasses for CMH/LEC/LED



The Agent 939 LEDFx glasses effectively filters and blocks light, your eyes will be able to see naturally even in bright conditions, providing the best view in your indoor garden.
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The Agent 939 LEDFx glasses with Carl Zeiss lenses, allow you to clearly see the natural colors of your plants, have been specially designed for the new types of CMH LEC and LED lamps, which produce a light that may seem "white" but often contains a 'high energy in the blue spectrum and some manufacturers are experimenting with the inclusion of UV and infrared rays, they are therefore perfect for places with high brightness and prevent the passage of infrared and UV rays. They can also be used as everyday sunglasses thanks to the modern design.

Agent 939 LEDFx features:

  • Lenses: Carl Zeiss
  • Protection: uv and infrared rays
  • Usage: hps, mh, led, cmh, lec, sun

Manufacturer Method Seven
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