Mammoth EliteS.A. 900L



Mammoth EliteS.A., among the largest grow boxes ever.
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2 meters and 25 centimeters high

Mammoth EliteS.A. is the new Mammoth line that offers the largest Grow Box ever. Thanks to its enviable dimensions, its frame can guarantee a load of up to 75kg, while its ease of assembly makes it one of the best Dark Rooms around. Its side openings also allow you to connect it with another elite Grow Room in order to extend its indoor growing area.

Mammoth EliteS.A technical features.

  • Load capacity: 75KG
  • Modular: Possibility to customize your space by combining one or more Elite Grow Boxes
  • Versatility: Washable both internally and externally
  • Structure material: Stainless Steel and Aluminum
  • Height: 225cm
  • Pole thickness: 25cm
  • Extractors or aspirators inlets: 8 of 35 cm and 4 of 20cm

Others formats:

Mammoth EliteS.A. 360S - 240x360x225 cm - growbox - € 1.296,13
Mammoth EliteS.A. 480L - 240x480x225 cm - growbox - € 1.604,43
Mammoth EliteS.A. 600L - 300x600x225 cm - growbox - € 1.908,30

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