Lumen King - Led light fixture - 630W



The lumen king led light fixture lamp has an efficiency of 2.6 µmol / J, it is possible to light up a greenhouse with the same effectiveness as an HPS, MH, CMH system, saving 33% of consumption.
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Samsung and Osrma diodes

Lumen king's 630 W led light fixture is a reliable option to HPS, MH and CMH lamps for growers, with many advantages and high yields, such as low heat output and low consumption. Lumen king has therefore produced a perfect lamp for the grower who requires high efficiency and low power consumption. The lamp is made up of six bars arranged in one square meter only 8 centimeters high, this will allow the grower to exploit all the space of the greenhouse and will have a homogeneous light emission in each spot thanks to the 120 ° beam angle of the LEDs. In addition, the lamp mounts Osram and Samsung LEDs and has an IP65 degree of protection, so it can be used in greenhouses with high levels of humidity without danger.


  • Power: 630W
  • Adjustment: automatic frequency
  • Protection: complete circuit
  • Function: dimmer Advanced dimmable function with the use of the Lumen-King Master controller
  • Efficacy: 2.6 µmol / J
  • Diode brand: Osram / Samsung
  • Product size: 102 x 100 x 8cm
  • Net weight: 12 kg

Manufacturer Lumen King
Watt 630 W
Coulour yellow full spectrum
Led Type Osram / Samsung
Root si
Bloom si
Dimensions 102x100x8 Cm
Growth Yes
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