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The mini grower can switch up to 9-600W lighting kits, in sequence, with inductive ballasts through a daily timer. Controls water with a second impulse timer and air conditioning by the GSE digital fa...
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The mini grower can switch up to 9 - 600W lighting kits with inductive ballasts, in sequence, through a daily timer.
Controls water with a second impulse timer and air conditioning by the GSE digital fan controller.
All connections are wired to plugs with flap lid and can be controlled over a main switch integrate safety breaker 3x16A.
Mini grower Control panel includes a digital fan controller with temperature dependent speed controller for rooms with air flow in and out.
The fan controller keeps the room temperature constant and under pressure to prevent odour from escaping.
It can be easily controlled, adjusting the required temperature, minimum speed and the pressure of your room on three knobs.
This fan controller can by used also as only air out regulator on two fans if there is a nature way of air in.
The controller comes as a finished part and is ready to use.
This reliable fan controller comes complete with a sealed water resistant cover, plugs with flap-lids and a low voltage sensor making it perfect for humid rooms.
The sensor comes with a 4meter long cable and can be extended up to 50meters.
Sizes and technical data:
Case: WxHxD = 200x430x95mm
Connection 3 pole 16A with connector CEE16
Volt: 230V / 50Hz
Front mounted:
Main switch 3x16A
24h timer with 36h power reserve 30min. setting
Digital second impulse timer 230V50HZ 10A breaking capacity.
GSE digital fan controller
Relays: 4x16A 230V
Protection class: IP44

Product list GSE
Watt 600 W
Manufacturer GSE
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