Grow Lamp Sylvania BRITELUX MH 250W - Vegetative Growth



Metal-halide lamp made up of a quartz discharge tube enclosed within a clear tempered glass bulb. The tube contains a blend of halide metals.Suitable for growth. High luminous efficiency both initiall...
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The Best Metal Halide Grow Lamp

Grow Lamp Sylvania BRITELUX  MH 250W is enriched with light blue spectrum to be used during the vegetative growth of the plant in order to stimulate the development and maintain cuttings.

Sylvania BRITELUX MH bulb - Details

The Sylvania MH bulb is ideal for the growth phase of your plant. Metal halide lamps provide excellent light quality and energy efficiency for general lighting

The high proportion of blue in the color spectrum emitted by the MH lamp provides light-blue spectrum, like the one found in the spring! It is also recommended for the flowering phase.

Technical Data

  • High lumen output
  • Good colour rendering - Class 2B
  • Average rated life: up to 15000 hours
  • High emission of radiation PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation between 400 and 700nm).
  • Light is richer compared to other MH bulbs.
  • Excellent Phyto-Lumens to guarantee the maximum productivity during the growth phase of the plants.
  • Given the high emission of blue spectrum, this lamp encourages the ideal result in the growth and the quality of the plant.

Growing area 0,7 m²
Lumen 24000 lm
Watt 250 W
Manufacturer Sylvania
Lamp MH
Growth Yes
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