GrowBox Light Kit | Lumatek Dim 600W + Sonlight Agro 600W



This Indoor Light Kit 600W is composed by a Super Lumen Lumatek 600W Electronic DIM Ballast and a AGRO Sonlight 600W lamp, ideal for both growing and blooming.
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Light Kit with Super Lumen Lumatek Dim 600W Ballast for Grow and Bloom stage.

This Indoor Light Kit 600W is composed by Super Lumen Lumatek 600W Electronic DIM Ballast and a  AGRO Sonlight 600W lamp, ideal for both growing and blooming. 
It includes all the necessary equipment to enlight the indoor growing area.


Exceptional new Lumatek E-Dim 600W ballast features the same innovative technology as the standard Lumatek electronic ballasts including soft start technology.

Lumatek ballasts are excellent value with all the benefits of a digital electronic ballast.

Lumatek digital ballasts are the most advanced lighting solution for modern horticulture. Small, compact, and completely silent these E-Ballasts are able to deliver more lumens while using less electricity than standard magnetic ballasts.


Unlike traditional 'core and coil' magnetic ballasts, Lumateks are microprocessor-controlled and able to evaluate and compensate for the actual state of bulb degradation and voltage oscillations in power supply from your local grid. This means that Lumateks are able to provide a precise controlled output voltage to the lamp ensuring optimum PAR levels are achieved.

Lumatek products include Super Lumen and Multi-Watt Dimmable ranges: 250w, 400w, 600w, dual 600w, 750w and 1000w.

Combined with the grow lamp HPS Sonlight AGRO 600w, one of the most efficient hydroponic dual spectrum lamp for grow box, you will have all you need for an ideal result for both fastest growth and quality of your plant and flowers. Infact, Agro bulbs have both blue and red/orange spectrums and are suited for both stages of vegetative and blooming.

The "GrowBox Light Kit | Lumatek Dim 600W + Sonlight Agro 600W" includes:

Dimmable Lumatek Digital Ballast 600W

This is a new Lumatek dimmable ballasts that allows greater flexibility in your growing area while reducing the cost of buying multiple ballasts.

Grow Light - Sonlight AGRO 600W - Growth and Bloom

Sonlight Agro 600W Gives You The Best Quality Of High Pressure Sodium Grow Lamps. This Grow Bulb With SLP Technology (Son Light Power)is Designed For Grow Rooms. The Best Choice For Growth and Blooming Stages. Rich and Nutritious Spectrum of light which provides 58,000 Lumens. SLP Technology against failures.

LONG-GLOSS 50 V Reflector

Quality budget horizontal reflector will take all lamps up to 1000w inclusive. Due to its compact design and the profile can be placed close to plants when necessary. Compatible with most other ballasts presently available.

Product list Lumatek
Growing area 2,1 m²
Watt 600 W
Minimum distance between lamp and plant 55 Cm
Lumen 90000 lm
Plants 8/12
Manufacturer Lumatek
Dimmer Yes
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  • Rating Patty 27/02/2015

    "Amazing product, at least 30% more Lumen than my old ballast. Service was quick, very reliable and friendly. Thanks Hydroponics, will definitely use your services again. "

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