LED Sonlight Force Full Spectrum 480W

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LED lamp dedicated to Indoor Cultivation

Il sistema LED Sonlight Force 480W è composto da 4 barre Quantum con i migliori diodi LED su piastra disponibili oggi: SAMUSUNG LM301H e i nuovi OSRAM 660nm. Ciò consente lo stesso PPFD per tutte le piante al di sotto del sistema ed un risparmio energetico notevole rispetto a soluzioni convenzionali di pari prestazioni.

Thanks to advances in Sonlight technology and devices, high quality LED horticultural lighting is now a credible option that offers a significant return on investment for growers. Sonlight Full Spectrum Horticulture LED Solutions balance light quality with enough light to provide single source lighting for the entire growth cycle from the growing season to the flowering period.

Full spectrum AGRO

The right quality of the light emitted is finally a possible goal for Sonlight Force LED solutions. Thanks to the Full Spectrum AGRO technology it is possible to use a single lamp for the entire life cycle of the plants, from growth to flowering. Sonlight Force owes these superior performances, in terms of PAR, to the use of a more adequate spectrum that uses high efficiency diodes at 3000 ° K, 4000 ° K and 660nm to illuminate the plants in all phases.

Growing LEDs with superior specifications

Sonlight Force is a linear multiple bar device that produces a very high PPF output up to 1800 µmol and a photonic efficacy of +2.8 µmol / J (for the 630W model). Its low height makes Sonlight Force ideal for multi-layer, greenhouse and tent growing. It is also a very robust lamp and has a high degree of protection against humidity IP65-IP66, ideal for use (always in safety) in greenhouses and grow boxes.

Tips for using the dimmer

We recommend making the most of the dimmer (potentiometer) positioned on the Sonlight LED system, adjusting it according to the growth phase and size of the plant. If you have just germinated the advice is to use only 40% of its total strength, reducing the amount of PPFD so as not to provide excessive lighting to your plants; as they grow, you will need to increase the percentage of lighting to keep up with their needs.

Optimal use Sonlight Force:

  • 40% potency: recently germinated plants or rooted clones
  • 50% power: plants during the growing period
  • 60% potency: mother plants or pre-flowering plants
  • 80% potency: plants start flowering properly
  • 100% potency: plants in the middle of the flowering period
  • Maximum potency: plants during the last few weeks of flowering

Technical features

  • LED bars: 6
  • Wattage: 480w
  • Spectrum: Full Spectrum 3000 ° K + 4000 ° K + 660nm
  • Dimensions: 87 x 75.5 x 10 cm (open)
  • LED chipset: Samsung
  • Weight: 11 kg PPF: + 1300 µmol / s
  • Efficacy: +2.7 µmol / J
  • Power supply: MEAN WELL dimmable (40-50-60-80-100% -Max) with RJ ports for connecting 0-10V control units
  • Connection: Plug & Play
  • Maximum cultivation area: 1.5 x 1.5 m
  • Degree of protection IP66 / IP65


LED type Bar LED
Manufacturer Sonlight
Watt 480 W
Warranty 2 Years
Certification CE, RoHS, ETL, FCC, EAC
Cable and Plug Yes
Colors Band 3000K+4000K & 660nm
Dimensions 87 x 75,5 x 10 Cm
Root Si
Bloom Yes
Growth Yes


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