Led Apollo PLUS Hyperled Sonlight 16 (256x3w) 768W - Agro

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More powerful than ever

The new Light System of the Sonlight Hyperled Apollo PLUS has been specifically developed for indoor growing.

Thanks to the new Multi-Colour Spectrum Technology, based on the ideal light spectrum for the plants needs thought it life cycle during both flowering and blooming stage, it grants and higher result in PAR with less power consumption.

3W lens, more efficient and with new colours

The new lends(diods) of the LED Apollo Plus Sonlight are definitely more efficient of the previous model, thanks to the integration of the LED Disks with various light spectrums more specifics for flowering plants cultivated indoor.

Every LED diod is protected by a double lens in polycarbon

ate with an 120° optical refraction that allows an better light reflection, more depth and higher, superior power.


The New Apollo Plus LED offer a integrated system for heat dissipation, in order to avoid problem connected to overheating of small grow room areas. Moreover, the feature switches for lightening independently the 2 colour channels, according to the growers need: it is indeed possible to choose 3 colour spectrum:

Cold Colour( VEGETATIVE AND GROWING STAGE): white/blue light designed for germination and vegetative phase of plants cultivated indoor.

Warm Colour (FLOWERING AND BLOOMING STAGE): Red/orange colours designed for the blooming and flowering stage of your plants

Both Warm and Cold Colour (AGRO): All LED are turned on to offer maximum power and lumens thought all plant life cycle.

Suitable for all needs

The Apollo Plus LED are suitable for both, small grow box and larger and more spacious grow rooms, perfectly adaptable to every growing space.

  • LED Advantages in indoor growing
  • Energy saving
  • Suitable for all phases of the plant
  • Low heat means better climate with right temperatures
  • All in One Technology: Already wired and ready to use, it does not require ballasts, lamps and lamp holders.
  • Life length 5-10 years.
  • 2 years Warranty


Sonlight Hyperled Apollo Plus features:

  • Model: Apollo Plus 16 (Black)
  • Wattage: AC100-240V
  • Power: 768 Watt
  • Number of LED: 256 (3w)
  • Material: aluminium alloy 
  • Colour temperatures: 1x 6500 - 1x 430 - 2x 460 - 2x 610 - 4x 630 - 6x 660      
  • PAR: umol/m2.s 2580/8" 1315/20"
  • LUX: 110000Lux/8" 53200/20"  
  • Polycarbon lens 120°
  • Dimension: 61x60x8 cm

Included in the package the shuko cable and hanging hooks.


LED type Hyperled
Manufacturer Sonlight
Watt 768 W
Warranty 2 Years
Coulour Black
Certification CE, RoHS
Cable and Plug Yes
Colors Band 12x Multispectrum
Dimensions 61x60x8 Cm
Root Si
Bloom Yes
Growth Yes

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