Led Apollo PLUS Hyperled Sonlight 16 (256x3w) 768W - Agro

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Sonlight Apollo PLUS Hyperled lamp for indoor cultivation

The Apollo 4 Plus (64x3w) 192w Hyperled Sonlight Led lighting systems were created specifically for indoor cultivation. Thanks to the "Multicolor Spectrum" technology that emits an optimal spectrum of light in all phases of the plant's growth and flowering cycle, they guarantee a high PAR yield with lower electricity consumption.

Led Apollo 4 Plus (64x3w) 192w Hyperled Sonlight: 3W lenses, more efficient and with new colours


The new lenses (diodes) of the Apollo Plus Sonlight LEDs are more efficient than the previous model, thanks to the integration of the LED discs with different color spectra more specific for flowering / fruit plants grown indoors. Each LED diode is protected by a double lens in polycarbonate with a 120 ° optic that allows superior reflection of light and guarantees superior depth and power.

Led Apollo 4 Plus (64x3w) 192w Hyperled Sonlight: LED for Growth and Flowering of plants

Apollo Plus LEDs have a heat dissipation system that avoids the overheating problems of small indoor growing environments. They are also equipped with switches to individually switch on two different color channels and, depending on the needs of the grower, it is possible to choose 3 different types of lighting:

  • Cool colour spectrum: White / blue LED suitable for the germination and growth phase of indoor plants
  • Warm colour spectrum: Intense orange / red LEDs suitable for the flowering and fruiting phase of plants Both
  • Colour spectra (AGRO): all the LEDs of the lamp are on; the LED can be used during the entire cycle of the plant exploiting its maximum power

Sonlight LED Apollo Plus 4 suitable for multiple uses

Like all LED lamps, the Apollo Plus Sonlights are also designed to be used both inside small Grow Boxes and in larger Grow Rooms. They adapt perfectly to any environment.

Sonlight LED Apollo Plus 4 (64x3w) 192w Hyperled:

Advantages They allow you to save electricity They can be used in every stage of cultivation: germination, growth, flowering They do not heat up as they emit little heat All in one technology: it is not necessary to buy power supply, lamp and lamp holder They last from 5 to 10 years 2 year guarantee

Features of the Sonlight LED Apollo Plus 4 (64x3w) 192w Hyperled

Sonlight Apollo Plus Lamp Specifications:

  • Model: Apollo Plus 4 (Black)
  • Voltage: AC100-240V
  • LED power: 192 Watts
  • Number of LEDs: 64 (3w)
  • REAL CONSUMPTION: Full Power AGRO 130W (Bloom only: 61W; grow only 58W)
  • Material: aluminum alloy LED disc color temperatures: 1x 6500 - 1x 430 - 2x 460 - 2x 610 - 4x 630 - 6x 660 PAR umol / m2.s: 1485 / 20cm - 619 / 50cm Lux: 52800 Lux / 20cm - 40354 / 50cm
  • 120 ° polycarbonate lens
  • Dimensions: 346x332x80mm


LED type Hyperled
Manufacturer Sonlight
Watt 768 W
Warranty 2 Years
Coulour Black
Certification CE, RoHS
Cable and Plug Yes
Colors Band 12x Multispectrum
Dimensions 61x60x8 Cm
Root Si
Bloom Yes
Growth Yes

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