Kit Propagator Professional

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the essentials needed to germinate your seeds in to plants

This propagation kit includes the essentials needed to germinate your seeds in to plants ready to transplant in 10-12days, in to pots or in to a hydroponic system ecc. The advantage of this kit, is that when the rooted plant is transfered in the new system, the whole rockwool cube is transplanted, therefore avoiding stress to the roots caused during transfer. Its ideal for quality, expensive seeds, as it raises the probability of germination and reduces the death rate of the seeds.

The kit includes:

  • Lighting Kit - SONFLUO KIT 125W specific for germination.
  • Propagator Nutriculture X-STREAM 36 PLANTS
  • Roots stimulator -500ml
  • 60pcs Rockwool cubes 4x4cm



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