Kit CFL Grow - EnviroGro BY Lumii - Compact FLUO 200W



The 130W CFL EnviroGro BY Lumii Kit includes a white light lamp, cable and reflector to illuminate the grow box while saving electricity. It does not require a power supply (ballast) for ignition, sav...
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130W compact fluorescent lighting kit

The 200W CFL light kit with white light lamp is a complete set of accessories and items to illuminate the grow box while saving electricity.

Ideal for the growth phase and for germinating seeds

Thanks to the compact white fluorescent lamp this indoor light kit is ideal for the flowering phase of plants in soil and hydroponics and for the consumption-conscious grower.

The kit is complete with everything you need to illuminate the grow box: it includes a reflector for CFL and is equipped with suspension brackets, 2 meters cable and Schuko plug.


  • It gives off little heat
  • Low consumption
  • It does not need a power supply
  • Made with high quality materials

Volt 220-240 Volt
Coulour Bianco
High Power Factor 0,98
Model 6U
Degree °K 6400
Watt 200 W
Growth Yes
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  • Product quality
  • Easy to use
  • Expected results
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