Kit CFL EnviroGrow by Lumii - Compact FLUO 130W Supercool - 14000°K



The CFL kit EnviroGro by Lumii includes an ultra white light lamp with a color temperature of 14000 ° k and a reflector to illuminate the grow box while saving power. It does not require a power suppl...
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The CFL KIT perfect for propagation

The CFL light kit with ultra white light lamp is a complete set of accessories and items to illuminate the grow box while saving electricity. The color temperature of this lamp is equivalent to 14000 ° k ie the light of a clear blue sky perfect for cutting and propagation that require light but not strong and warm.

Ideal for the propagation and cutting phase:

Thanks to the ultra white compact fluorescent lamp this indoor light kit is ideal for the taleggio phase of soil and hydroponic plants and for the consumption-conscious grower.

The kit is complete with everything needed to illuminate the grow box: it includes a reflector for CFL and is equipped with suspension brackets, 2 meter cable and Schuko plug.


  • It gives off little heat
  • Low consumption
  • It does not need a power supply
  • Made with high quality materials

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Product list LUMii
Coulour ultra bianca
Model CFL
Degree °K 14000
Root si
Manufacturer LUMii
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