Isobutane Gas Clipper PURE Box - 12 bottles x 300ml



12 bottlesx300ml Isobutane Gas. The best pure Gas for BHO extraction of oil and resins. Clipper PURE contains the 98% Isobutane and less than 0.02% other residual substances.
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12 bottlesx300ml of Clipper Gas. Pure isobutane Clipper gas will become the ideal partner for obtaining clean BHO extractions since it is an extra refined gas and completely free of impurities ensuring that we always get the best flavours, textures and quality BHO.


Completely clean resin extractions, 12x300ml bottles of pressurized gas contains:

  • Propane: 1,60%
  • Isobutane: 98%
  • Butane: 0,38%
  • Other: 0,02%
  • Net Weight: 5.99oz
  • Weight: 170g

Directions for Use and Storage

Aerosol cans must be stored in a well-ventilated place.

  • Keep away from sources of heat or flame
  • No smoking
  • Keep away from sunlight
  • Avoid temperatures above 50°
  • Keep vapour away from incandescent light sources
  • Always keep out of reach of children


Keep the can upright with the valve facing down for 5 seconds and press the lighter against the cylinder valve. Leave the gas in the lighter for 1 minute before use.



Before starting any kind of extraction you must ensure you own and others safety, always working consciously. Butane Honey Oil (BHO) extraction is an extremely dangerous activity. Butane is flammable, explosive and can potentially contain poisonous and harmful chemicals. Undertaking BHO extraction may result in serious bodily injury, or Death if proper precautions are not taken. Butane is Highly Flammable and ALL extractions are to be done Outdoors Only, doing extractions indoors is extremely dangerous. making sure to be away from any source of electricity or any flame, burner and so on. Butane gas is heavier than air and will pool in low areas, if left to collect butane gas becomes flammable when it reaches 1.8% to 8.5% concentration in air. A small breeze will keep the butane from being able to pool and become dangerous. It is recommended you take every precaution possible. You must wear safety clothing such as the eye protection and mouth mask together with gloves at all times and always have a fire extinguisher ready to be used: protect eyes, hands and mouth during the extraction. Strictly avoid the use of Bhutan Gas from unknown sources or producers: the  risk of intoxication is very high: materials such as PVC, gum plastics and  metals at oxidation risks must be avoided as could suffer from thermic stress: only use borosilicate (Pyrex) and Stainless Steel 18/10.

Hydroponics is responsible for your actions. Butane gas is highly flammable and explosive; please ensure you have taken all and every safety measure.

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