Indoor Growing LED Sonlight Hyperled G3+ - 405W

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Smart Led Lamp for indoor Growing

The new generation of Led Lamp Sonlight G3+  it’s going to became one of the most appreciated lamps for growers as they are able to guarantee higher PAR emission while reducing sensibly electricity consumption and therefore, the bill!

The new Sonlight Hyperled G3+ comes furnished with an aerospace aluminium case that guarantees extreme lightness ( just1,6kg) and high quality cooling system. The case protects from humidity and dust the various incredible technologies used to assemble this extremely valuable Led Lamp such as the new COB Matrix in the very heart of the Led and the BridgeLux all around.


The very last Generation of Smart Led Technology

The amazing technology of the Hyperled Sonlight G3+ can save you 40 to 70% on your electricity bill when compared to the HID/HPS lamps emitting the same Lumen quantity.

Moreover, it of possible to connect up to 8 Sonlight G3+ all together. The Full Agro Spectrum, cover all phases of the plant, from seedling to growing and blooming.


Technical Data

  • Sonlight Hyperled G3+ 405W -  Key features:
  • Power: 405W
  • Real Consumption: 270W +/-5% 
  • Input AC 85V - 265V / 50-60Hz
  • Total Light Spectrum: 10 bandwidth with UV & IR from 380nm to 740nm Full PAR & Full Spectrum
  • 4 Channel Selection: Vegetative/Growing/Blooming/Full Agro
  • Line connection with cable: up to 8 Led Sonlight G3+
  • Temperature Range: -10°C a +50°C con humidity up to 85%
  • Certifications : ROHS CE IP50
  • HID/HPS* equivalent: 600W
  • Dimension: 52.0x21.5x7.5 cm
  • Metal holders and electrical cable with European shuko plug


The anticorrosive  aluminium case of the Sonlight Hyperled G3+, also features a silenced fan that allows the best heat dissipation, guaranteeing a longer life duration. The silenced fan, NIDEC is the same already in use and mounted on DELL and HP computer, with automatic power on when temperatures rise above 40°C.


Led parts:

3 high penetration COB Matrix LED of 63W with 105° degrees lens surrounded by 60 BridgeLux LED of 3W with 78° lens with higher light penetration and good lightened area cover.

Advantages of using Indoor LED

With you save money on electricity bill.

With their Full Spectrum, LED can be used during all the plant cycle

LED is an All in one technology:  you will not need to buy a ballast, a lamp and a lamp holder nor installing wiring.

LED technology last from 5 to 10 years.


Wireless Remote controller (not Included)

The Wireless Remote Controller can manage up to 8 Sonlight Hyperled G3+  simultaneously, not necessarily connected in line but also independently, covering an incredibly large area. The wireless controller aloud the grower to choose the most appropriate spectrum according the plant phase: it is possible to set 3 lighting channels: Vegetative, Growing and Blooming, alternatively it is possible to choose the Full Agrum Spectrum activating all channels and available light spectrum at once. The wireless controller also regulates the light intensity of the various colours ( different for each plant phase), as well as programming hour by hour  a personalised set of colours.


* the comparison between LED/HPS refers to Indoor growing areas.

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