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Idrolab Total Care is a product based on Hypochlorous Acid, biocide/cleaning agent of Hydroponics Systems. Use at any stage of cultivation.
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Cleaning and Maintenance Products for Grow Systems

ECA water is a Lon formulation of sodium free Hypochlorous Acid with pH balanced at 6.8 and useful for mineral descaling and the removal of potentially harmful biofilms in Hydroponics Systems.
Based on Hypochlorous Acid which fast acting against a broad range of resistant pathogens and all forms of bacteria, cysts, fungi, algae and viruses. Reduces risk and increases margins across a range of agriculture applications.

• Use in any hydroponics growing system
• Encourage superior root growth, prevent root disease in propagation
• Increases ORP, creating an environment unsuitable for pathogen and fungi development
• Neutral pH of 6.8, NO pH buffers necessary or risk of root burn
• Use at any stage of cultivation, from growth to harvest
• Useful for minerals descaling

How to use it in various application?
Weekly application for your water reservoir:
Add 5ml to 10L of nutrient solution every 5-7 days if the temperature of the solution is less than 22 ° or every 1-3 days if the temperature exceeds 25 °.

Wash the periodical and final Nutrients:
Periodic: Add 10 ml per 10 L of nutrient solution, leave for 12-24 hours. Drain the solution and rebuild a new nutrient solution.

Clone / Propagation:
Add rate of 10-15 per 10L of nutrient solution and irrigate normally.
Immerse the clones in a 20 ml solution for 10L of water before applying the gel or rooting powders.

Cleanliness (in the absence of plants) for the control of weeds / Tanks:
Add 30 ml of 10L of nutrient solution and leave for 24 before downloading the system or tank.

Regeneration of substrates used:
Leave to soak overnight in a 30ml solution for 10L of the substrate to be regenerated water to be reused. The substrates should not be overly degraded or contaminated.

Foliar spray:
Add 10 ml of 10L of water and spray on the leaves.

Others formats:

Idrolab Total Care - Hypochlorous Acid 500ML - € 15,90
Idrolab Total Care - Hypochlorous Acid 1L - € 21,80
Idrolab Total Care - Hypochlorous Acid 25L - € 199,90
Manufacturer Idrolab Corporation
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