Hydro-X Pro Control System (HCS-2)

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The revolution continues

TrolMaster revolutionized room controller technology when it introduced the Hydro-X. The Hydro-X Pro continues the revolution with a 10 'touch screen and web-based software.

Hydro-X Pro is backward compatible with all current Hydro-X control / device modules. It also provides greater flexibility and allows any plug-in module to be directed to whatever the user wants. The user can also set each plug-in module to have multiple "conditions" that will trigger the module, allowing for nearly unlimited control options.

The Hydro-x Pro is designed to be a single room controller for reliability and ease of use. Hydro-X Pro expands the capabilities of the original Hydro-X by allowing you to connect up to 50 sensors and up to 50 separate control modules to a single Hydro-X Pro. Multiple subzones can be created within the single grow space by connecting a specific sensor to one or more specific control functions.

The new 4-in-1 sensor features an LCD screen that provides ease of internal monitoring. Custom programming allows for an almost unlimited degree of control. Each of the variables (Temperature, Humidity, CO2, Light) can be independently controlled, which means that you can use a custom up / down ramp to closely simulate natural outdoor conditions or simply allow for complete customization of the environment . Displayed on an easy to read and build "graph", it allows the user to have 100% control of their environment. Another powerful feature of the Hydro-X Pro is the built-in calendar and calendar presets which allow the user to program the "recipe" for an entire crop within the Hydro-X Pro. All settings, including Lighting , Temperature, Humidity, CO2 and Timer, can be specified by the user while "building" their own multi-weekly crop programs. Reminders can also be scheduled to ensure critical tasks aren't forgotten.

The TrolMaster APP will also allow the user to receive notifications with separate day / night limits. The web-based software provides easy access and more advanced remote control. Onboard data capture and the ability to store and share settings across multiple devices means user-defined programs and settings can be saved and loaded to multiple Hydro-X Pro units with ease. You can load a custom screensaver page via a USB port. The same upgradeable feature as the Hydro-X gives you the option for lifetime enhancements.


Manufacturer TrolMaster

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