Humidity Regulator - Boveda B 58

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Regulates humidity easily and safely for optimal storage

Boveda is a precise moisture regulator born for herbal medicine, which restores and maintains moisture to create a protective monolayer of water molecules on the trichomes.

  • Terpenes, the precious smell you love, are kept safe until use. Simply put Boveda in a container with your herbs and close the lid. It's that easy. Boveda's proprietary formula uses all natural salts and water to ensure the exact relative humidity (RH) your herbs need to maintain freshness.
  • The ideal relative humidity is between 58% and 62%. The choice between Boveda 58% RH and 62% RH is a personal preference depending on how you prefer your experience and what is the humidity level where you are. Some consumers choose 58% relative humidity for personal products and 62% for larger storage. 58% and 62% relative humidity? Try one of each Boveda to decide.

Boveda B58 sachets: how does it work?

Boveda sachets do not need activation or special storage, they are zero-maintenance! This makes them perfect for storing flower and fruit crops. They integrate seamlessly into vacuum-packed jars, glass jars and any crop storage container.

The Boveda B 58 sachet fixes the humidity at the optimum level

Boveda B58 stabilizes the humidity in the storage container at 58% humidity, ideal for long-term preservation of dried flowers and spices. The right humidity during the storage phase maximizes color, flavor, aroma and essential properties.

Note: Do not mix Boveda relative humidity levels in the same container and do not use Boveda in the same container with other humidification products. They will fight against each other and reduce the efficiency of the Boveda.


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