Humidifier 8 litres by Pure Factory



Humidifier tank 8 litres by Pure Factory: significantly increases relative humidity in the grow room to maximise plant production.
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Significantly increases relative humidity in your grow room

Humidifier with 8 liter deposit by Pure Factory.

Significantly increases the relative humidity in the grow room.


  • Total production of smoke / adjustable steam.
  • Empty tank indicator
  • Fog direction
  • 8 litres tank
  • Tank-empty indicator: Green light = Running / Light Red = empty
  • Weight: 4,30 kg

Please note: highly recommended the use of distilled or de-mineralized water to fill your humidifier at a maximum temperature of 40C.

Distilled or de-mineralized water has less mineral content than regular tap water. When used, these water types make your humidifier less likely to expel white mineral dust into your indoor air.

Distilled water also reduces the growth of mineral deposits and scale within the device. 

Product list pure factory
Capacity 8 Lt
Watt 32 W
Manufacturer pure factory
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