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Hesi pH Plus 1L is a pH corrector / raiser for hydroponic and coconut fiber cultures.
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Ph raiser

Hesi pH Plus 1L is a pH corrector / raiser for hydroponics and coconut fiber cultures. Ph Plus is essential for these kind of cultivation cause the nutrient solution water needs a certain pH value around 6 (5.8-6.2) and if the pH decreases the roots could be seriously damaged. The nutrient solution water in these kind of crops runs along the roots and must contain all the substances in the appropriate concentration for the plants, therefore the pH level must be optimal at the time of irrigation so that the plant can absorb all nutrients and grow strong and lush.

How to use:
After preparing the nutrient solution, check the pH the solution with the appropriate instrument. If the pH is too low, proceed with pH correction by pouring Hesi pH Plus a little at a time, making more measurements until reaching the optimum level.

Hesi pH Plus contains 50% potassium hydroxide and it is irritating to the skin, so wash with abundant water in case of contact. Use caution with gloves and goggles. In case of contact with eyes rinse thoroughly with water and consult a doctor.

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