Guano Kalong Black 3Kg



GUANO BLACK is a mixture of bat guano and humic acids in pelleted form. The leonaridite this improves the soil structure, nourishes the microorganisms useful,reduces transplant stress and the need for...
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Bat guano and humic acids in pelleted form

GUANO BLACK is a mixture of bat guano and humic acids in pelleted form. The leonaridite this improves the soil structure, nourishes the microorganisms useful,reduces transplant stress and the need for water. 
Can be used as base fertilizer in the preparation of substrates based on loam and coconut.

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Product list Guanokalong
Potassium (K) 1
Azote (N) 1
Phosphorus (P) 6
Manufacturer Guanokalong
Organic Nutrinets
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